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A.V.L. Projects advises about, installs, and programs video systems, such as video conference systems, multi-media systems, narrow-casting systems, video walls, projection and 3D systems. Professional displays of all sizes and formats, with or without touch screens, are all possible because experience has taught A.V.L. Projects exactly what is needed to professionally furnish a room. The result is the perfect bespoke solution for every room and for every budget.

The choice is sometimes hard to make and several bespoke solutions may be possible. Here, thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the available equipment guarantees a total solution that will comply with all wishes and requirements a client may have and that will be to their full satisfaction. Furthermore, several video combinations are also possible for highly powerful, attractive, affordable and varied video communication.

As is the case with all systems delivered by us, any video systems supplied by A.V.L. Projects are user-friendly systems that fully comply with our client's technical and business requirements, meaning no stress or hassle!

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