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A.V.L. Projects supplies and installs lighting for companies, institutions, schools and houses, and also draws up total plans for more economical energy consumption. Of course, lighting can be delivered in combination with audio or domotics (also known as ‘home automation’) to serve as a bespoke solution for any industry.

LED technology is an area that has developed incredibly fast in the past ten years. So now is the time to ask for advice on the many possible applications of LED lighting, such as displays, illumination to put buildings in the spotlight, orientation lighting, advertising signs and LED lighting for use in public areas, stores, hotels, lobbies and stairwells.

A.V.L. Projects would be happy to provide you with a calculation of how the long service life, low operating costs, and low costs of replacement of LED lighting will help you lower your energy bill.

As is the case with all projects handled by us, A.V.L. Projects can guarantee you trouble and stress free lighting projects. We provide bespoke solutions for all companies, whatever their unique situation. A.V.L. Projects has experts available in all lighting fields to ensure high-quality craftsmanship.

A.V.L. Projects is a proud seller of Starway products for the entire Benelux and offers bespoke LED solutions for the wide and challenging world of entertainment: www.star-way.com.

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