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A.V.L. Projects delivers permanent audio solutions for environments such as stores, halls, meeting rooms, auditoriums, congress centres, conference rooms, hotels, restaurants and theatres, but the possibilities are unlimited. In the highly specialised audio industry, the combination of experience and listening to the client is vital as the way that sound is experienced in a small theatre auditorium can be materially different from how it is perceived in a school's assembly room. A.V.L. Projects seamlessly attunes the audio requirements to its users’ specific wishes and locations, which means that you can count and rely on our expert advice for a bespoke solution to match your individual needs.

A.V.L. Projects guarantees total solutions, fully aware that every location requires its own approach and perspective. Based on our extensive experience, we offer clients a choice of audio options:

  • Foreground and/or background systems
  • Audio distribution systems
  • Bespoke audio systems

Foreground and/or background systems are ideally suited to applications in hotels, pubs, restaurants, museums or retail environments. High-quality audio solutions ensure optimum sound at all times. Reliable, carefree and easy to operate.

Audio distribution systems are excellent solutions for buildings with several rooms, where the sound volume and the local source can be adjusted for every individual room. Any audio signals transmitted can be addressed to just one room, to combinations of specific rooms, or to all rooms at the same time. Different voltages and low-ohm loads can be set differently from each other.

Bespoke audio systems comply with all the special requirements expected by the client. This offers unlimited possibilities for battery voltage, back-up systems, minimum dimensions and resistance to vibrations and impacts.

Our creativity and experience of the most diverse projects enable A.V.L. Projects to offer distinctly different solutions for all audio issues. And of course, always in keeping with the available budget.

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